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Alfred Coates


Alfred Coates - Ottawa Digital Marketing Expert

I have been lucky to work with and advise some of the smartest local, national and international clients in the B2B and B2C sphere. I am an entrepreneur at heart, with a passion for digital marketing and lifelong learning.


Alfred's 4 Steps to Online Success

Content generation based upon a clear understanding of the audience intent is key – this is where I believe I am very effective at finding the insight that will drive action. We must deliver value to the viewers of our website, newsletter, email, social media programs and videos – content that matters to our key personas.

Buyer Personas

Deeply examine who your top customers and clients are. What can we give them that will make their lives easier, more enjoyable or more effective? Can we entertain them while solving their pain points?

Maximize Online Visibility

With a clear understanding of your target buyer persona – now is the time to get in front of them. That could mean buying impressions with Facebook or Google or investing in your audiences chosen Social Media.

Foster Engagement

Content needs to be one of two things – incredibly entertaining or incredibly informative. Content that is both informative and entertaining will do well to generate clicks, time on page, new followers and email subscribers.

Reward Your Fans

People who are willing to give you a good rating or a good review deserve a reward. There is no marketing tactic available that is more effective than 5 star ranking from hundreds of reviews. We used to call it Word of Mouth – now we call it Word of Web.

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